Most Famous Dive Sites in AQABA

Tristar Aircaft

Tristar Aircaft Scuttled for divers in 2019, making another unique dive in Aqaba. This was a military transport aircraft, so like a     passenger plane. Doors have been removed allowing easy access to the interior so that the diver is never far room an entrance. Care is needed as this is still an overhead environment. As of this writing some marine life has started to make the aircraft its home, in the future this will increase and in a few year coral growth will become significant.  So also a great place to revisit and observe changes over time. The aircraft lies on a slope from 10-25m with the nose pointing towards the shore and the tail plane at 25m. Rumours that it will slip into the depths are unfounded as the slope deeper than the aircraft is shallow, determined after an extensive deep survey by our tec team. Sidemount is a great option for diving this aircraft

Underwater Military Museum

17 Pieces of military equipment have been placed on the sea bed in 18 - 28m depth. The place is from the bottom of an eel grass bank (habitat to sea horses and much more) to the start of the solid coral reef at 28m. This are was previously sparse with marine life. This museum, as well as being a great attraction for divers, will provide habitat for a wide variety of marine life and provide places for new corals to settle. So well worth revisiting on different visits to Aqaba - good place to complete our unique specialty Research Diver

Currently access to the site can be by boat or shore, better shore access and boat moorings are currently under development. By boat we do as a drift dive. On occasion there can be strong currents at this site so this will remain a good option. Also these currents supply nutrients for stationary feeders such as soft corals and sponges which will start to settle on the vehicles in the future.

Check back here every so often to check for the latest photos below, which will be changed an updated as marine life begins to settle on this site.

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens Aqaba locate just to the south of the Shipwreck. Japanese Gardens dive site is one of the best dive sites worldwide. It has very good conditions for diving and snorkeling.

The site is a combination of shallow depths and heavy presence of barracudas, sergeant majors and fusiliers. This make this place like diving site the perfect diving destination for divers of all experience levels. Keep at a 20 meters depth and swim along edge of reef over bushes of black coral.

Marine life of Japanese Gardens
If sharks are to be seen (White Tip Reef sharks) this is where you will see them in the deep blue of the Gulf to your right. At 23 meters at the head of a gully there is a large Gorgonia Fan coral. From here start working your way into the shallows, keeping an eye out for resident turtles.

The reef begins in shallow water and then gently slopes to the magnificent colorful reef bed. There are very large schools of Anthias (Gold fish) play with the golden sun beams while getting their snack of plankton around the pinnicles. Lyre Tail Groupers, Royal Angelfish, Moray Eels, big Clam Shells are also very common here.

Entry is through a narrow gully in the fringing reef and then descend to an eel grass bed, where you will find Snowflake Morays. The main reef encounter at 5 meters then follow it down through shoals of Orange Basselets and Sergeant Majors.

In 2013 many corals placed here from the Saudi Border to save them from destruction due to development of a new port facility there. You will see many tagged markers. They are now starting to flourish and become part of this great reef again. There are two boat moorings on this reef one nearer the shore and another on the outer reef.

Aqaba Dive Site Map 

Famous dive sites in Aqaba

One of Aqaba’s most famous dive sites is the wreck of the Cedar Pride, a Lebanese freighter sunk in 1985. At a maximum depth of 26 m, it provides a wreck dive that divers with all levels of experience can enjoy. The second most famous dive site is an anti-aircraft tracked vehicle (The Tank).

Also there is much more to see in Aqaba: Hercules C130, aircraft Lockheed Tristar, underwater military museum. Coral reefs are really wonderful: Japanese Gardens, Seven Sisters, Black Rock, First Bay north and many more!

North Bay, Aqaba


  • Tristar aircraft  NEW
  • Power Station
  • First Bay-North
  • First Bay-South
  • Eel Garden
  • Miltary Museum NEW

Visitors Bay, Aqaba


  • King Abdalla Reef
  • Black Rock
  • Cable Reef
  • Rainbow Reef
  • Cedar Pride (Wreck)
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Gorgone I
  • Gorgone II

South Bay, Aqaba


  • The Tank and 7 Sisters
  • Air Plane C130 Hercules New Canyon
  • Yellowstone Reef
  • Blue Coral
  • Kiwi Reef
  • Moon Valley and Puffer Rock